Monday, May 11, 2009

water water everywher

water, part 1: a leak in the car. AGAIN. 2 weeks ago there was another leak in my car. don't even get me started about the service call and the discussions with the service writer at the dealer. bbfe totally summed it up for me when he said "what the f&*% do you care about what he thinks....he's only a service writer for god's sake." enough said. but i'm still frustrated over the whole entire thing.

water, part 2: the day after the car leak, bbfe notices that we have a puddle of water in the garage. we track it back to the water heaters and have determined that one is leaking. since we have 2 water heaters, it's not a big deal or emergency. our hot water helps heat the house and since it's spring and we don't need to run heat, we just unplugged it. however finding a plumber and/or hvac business that services this kind of system was the biggest pain the butt. finally found someone and scheduled an appointment. of course, since it's a water related issue clearly it didn't go off without a hitch. the guy called at the scheduled time thinking it was a consultation, hung up quickly stating he'd call back and then never did. i call the front office and the guy was out here within the next 45 minutes and inspected the issue. i'm now replacing a hot water heater.

water, part 3: it's been raining entirely too much for my taste.

is it a sign: my zodiac sign is a fire sign. i'm guessing that the water is a sign that i need to temper the fire within me.

mother's day: last week bbfe and i were discussing mother's day and i teased that i'm a mom to einstein and as the father, he was responsible for taking care of the day on behalf of the pup. i was totally joking and he knows it. i mean really, he compared our family to three's company when trying to explain that our relationship with ein is platonic. but if the dog licks my feet like crazy, i totally debate the platonic nature of our relationship! i totally wasn't counting on anything, but my day was pleasantly started when bbfe kissed me good-bye and wished me a happy mother's day before leaving. and boy was i shocked when bbfe came home, announced that he had picked up the makings for dinner, grilled dinner and even cleaned up after. what more could a girl ask for?

Monday, April 27, 2009

late night blogging

stupid tv: sometimes, you see really stupid ads on late night tv. this one in question for now is astepro. astepro is a relatively new nasal spray for allergies. sounds good so far....until you actually listen to the commercial. the warning states "do not take it if you have an allergy or adverse reaction to astepro." really? i thought it was perfectly fine to continue to take meds that you are alergic to. go figure.

dancing: dwts has been pretty good this season. i'm really interested to find out who will make it to the final 2. i typically root for the underdog but this season, i don't think the underdog will have a shot at the prize. but he's pretty cute to look at.

sick men: ugh. need i say more?

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter: easter morning, my parents, bbfe, nik, and private came over for brunch. we had an egg and sausage strata, french toast casserole, waldorf salad, watergate salad, brie, and mimosas. yum! i only wish that bbfe wasn't sick with allergies. grumpus!

kitkat: best wishes to private and her new kitty. i think they're going through growing pains in order to get to now each other. hopefully it'll even out towards the end of the week.

procrastinator: i'm really not interested in going to work today. can't i just stay home and work from here? as it is i have meetings all the way through to the end of the day so there's not even a chance to cut out a bit earlier. oy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

good friday

friday was good: today is good friday. today was also a good friday. work was a chance to speak candidly with a senior leader on how a certain project is not valuable in it's current state and we shouldn't roll out. socialized with peeps from work and left early.

parents: ...are visiting for the weekend and we all went out to emilio's tapas restaurant in midlothian. it was fair. i'm not sure we would head back. both bbfe and i agreed that europa is a much better option. the food there (europa) is superior, the service knowledgeable and attentive. the choice of selections at emilio's was abundant but mainly potatoes and fish based. as a non-fish eater due to allergies, i had a harder time finding tapas entrees that i could eat. one of them ended up being an appalling empanada. it looked like something that they just shoved into puff pastry and fried. it was way too greasy.

easter: i have a basket for my mom which she'll have to find in the house. since she hasn't been here for over 6 months, i have lots of hiding places to take advantage of.

Monday, March 30, 2009

work slump: have you ever had one of those projects that just drains you. drains you emotionally, name it and it drains it. well, i've got one of those projects going on and i really am tired of it. people telling me how to fix problems when they don't understand the problem or making changes mid-stream that make it more complex and frustrating. it's all i work on and i can't get to the other stuff that people want me to do. there's just not enough time in the day and at this point, i don't have enough strength to go on. i'm exhausted all the time. but like my momma says "this too shall pass." i just hope that i live to see it actually pass.

sunburn: spent a great day at the racetrack yesterday with nik and bbfe. unfortunately, i was silly and forgot the sunscreen. so now, i'm lobster pink, my skin is hot and it's stinging me constantly. i've tried everything from taking a warm shower to drenching myself in aloe and lotion. only ibuprofen has been taking the edge off. i'm just hoping that i don't peel and if i do that i at least get some sort of color out of it. i'm pretty sure that i'm so bright i glow at night. strangely, as i'm sitting here, my fingers and toes are freezing.

painting: on the plus side, i'm looking forward to painting the master bedroom this weekend. i'm taking it from a dark navy color to a light blue that has just a hint of purple underneath. and i'll decorate in black and white. a white bedspread/duvet cover with a black bedskirt; black and white pillows and i'll probably make my own curtains. the rest of the organizing efforts in the house are going well too. but tonight, i just need a break from it all. no cleaning, no moving furniture....nothing. just vegging out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

random thoughts

computer update: it's working great. i am on it pretty much every day surfing the net, checking mail or paying bills. my only irk is that sometimes the cd player only works when the laptop is perfectly level. tilt it slightly and it wont read a cd. not a huge problem considering i rarely use the cd drive.

cardio: waiting for my new treadmill to be delivered. the delivery company is scheduled to come tomorrow between 1 and 5 pm....nice window there dudes. and my exercise bike with is also a rowing machine is supposed to delivered early next week. i'm looking forward to getting the new treadmill.

music: massive attack rocks. i heard a track of there's at a local favorite, the black sheep, and downloaded one of there cd's. since then, i've downloaded another one and am addicted.

addictions: speaking of addictions, i recently purchased sims city 4 - rush hour and am addicted to it too. my first city crashed and burned (well, i bulldozed it with the power of god) but i guess i learned something because my second city is flourishing. it's actually a very interesting 'game' concept. but be careful...time has a habit of slipping away when you play it. you start with the intent to play for 30 minutes and 2 1/2 hours later....doh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

learning about my new computer

wow. i'm still getting acquainted with my new laptop. i've written a post twice now and both times it's been deleted somehow. i think if i hold shift and the cursor key too long, it for some reason deletes the text. all i can say is that i had a really good post written and i'm just too spent to try and rewrite it again.